Tips to Writing the Perfect Wedding Speech

Being the maid of honor or best man can be very stressful when it comes time for you to be in the spotlight at a speech to the happy couple. Here are some tips to keep the stress levels down and had a crowd-pleasing toast to the newlyweds.

Keep in Short!
Everyone has been to a wedding where the speech goes on and on and on and on and on so don’t be that person! Keep yours to under 3 minutes, which is more than enough time for people to keep their attention.Arpeggio Wedding Entertainment RI DJ Blog

Bring Your drink
This one seems obvious but people sometimes forget that to toast to the newlywed you will need your drink with you so be sure you have it either in your hand or nearby.
It’s Not About You
While it is important to give a little background on your relationship with the couple keep in mind you are toasting the couple and not your friendship.
It is ok to have note cards but trey to not read verbatim. *TIP have any notes on a paper do not read off a phone since it will create a glare and look weird in photos.
Arpeggio Wedding Entertainment RI New Hope Photography Newport RI RotundaBe Yourself
If you’re funny be funny if you are sentimental be sentimental. This is a chance for people to see you. Don’t try to be the next big YouTube star by trying something uncharacteristic of yourself.

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What other tips for you have for the perfect wedding speech? Let us know!