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Published 02/16/2017

At a wedding, smartphones you might as well make the most of your guest smartphones to take pictures of your big day. Using a wedding hashtag is being more and more popular. Especially with more and more millennial’s getting married. So what is it?

People use the hashtag symbol # before a relevant keyword or phrase (no spaces) in their Tweet to categorize those Tweets and help them show more easily in Twitter Search. A hashtag can also be used and searched in Instagram (the popular online photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, apply digital filters to them, and share) and now Facebook.

Where do you start if you are thinking of using a wedding hashtag?

Pick a hashtag

Your hashtag should have both your name and your partner’s name in it, but you can be creative with the rest. Some examples are: #BobbyLovesTaylor, #JohnAndMeganForever, #WhenJimmyMetJessica, etc.

Make sure your hashtag is unique. If you and your partner have common names, there is a chance your hashtag is already taken. Double-check that no one has used it already before sending out any info.  Check out tagboard.com to check you hashtag You can do this within the Instagram app, or using tagboard or statigr.am

Promote your hashtag. Notify everyone in the very beginning.

Make sure that all of your guests know about the hashtag of your wedding.

Make sure your selected hashtag is on EVERYTHING…..invitations, emails, programs, menus, tables, walls, etc. The more you promote it, and encourage your guests to use it, the more photos you will capture

If you’re thinking do I really need a wedding hashtag here is some food for thought…

  • Everyone already is using Instagram/Twitters/ Facebook. It’s fairly simple to explain to your guests that you’re using a hashtag for your wedding since most of them already use them in their daily postings.
  • You get to make one of those cute signs telling your friends about your own special hashtag. You can find other cute signage ideas on our Pinterest.
  • Filters. Always filters. They make everything look better!

Just keep in mind that these photos are public. The pictures might be low quality and poor size. Filters might not be your friend, while they usually help enhance a photo that is not always the case. Older guests without smartphones might not be able to participate.

Wedding Hashtagging Etiquette

  • Never post a picture of the bride in her dress before the ceremony. You might chance the groom seeing his bride before the ceremony, which is a wedding faux pas.
  • Include the bride and grooms “handles” when you post. This is their Instagram profile name with the @ symbol in front of it. This will allow them to see it as soon as you post.
  • Let the photographer, DJ, and other vendors know about the hashtag. (Believe us we use it!) They will probably be taking pictures throughout the event, and when everyone tags their photos using the hashtag, you’ll get to see many different photography styles, angles, and perspectives from the evening.
  • Keep it classy. The hashtag creates your very own virtual wedding album and that means anyone could see it, including grandma and grandpa.

Don't forget our hashtag! #NOCHICKENDANCE