10 Wedding LIES (Don't let them fool you)

Published 09/01/2019

It is so easy for couples to be overwhelmed with the idea of planning a wedding. The internet is a blessing and a curse. There are hundreds, if not thousands of websites to help you plan your big day, but can they all be trusted? These sites are constantly competing for couples to visit their site over another; even getting advertisers is a competition. So how do they do it? Unfortunately, what happens is they tell couples what they want to hear rather than the truth. You should also look out for who is writing the articles you are reading since anyone can post a blog. As a wedding professional with years of experience within the industry, I want to shed light on some of the lies the internet feeds us that couples choose to believe but shouldn’t.

The 10 biggest misconceptions about weddings:

When to Book What and When
There is NO WAY the same timeline will be the right fit for every couple's wedding.  We say it all the time no two weddings are alike.  Every couple’s priorities are different; some couples will book their photographer before their entertainment while others will book their caterer then their florist. Here are some ideas of when to book what based on your priorities.

Don’t use the word “wedding”
It is a wedding, why would you say it isn’t? There are too many posts about how adding the word “wedding” raises the prices – that is completely false! A rose costs the same amount no matter the event.  So please don’t argue or ask how much it would cost if it is ‘just a party.’

Museums, Barns, Vineyards (Creative Spaces) will save you money

While the rental cost might be lower than a venue you need to consider what you will need to bring into a creative space venue.  Most properties such as museums and barns will not have tables and chairs, which mean you will need to find tables and chairs to rent which is an added expense.  Be sure to really weigh all your options. Some couples are ok with customizing everything from the chair you sit on to the fork you use to eat your food these venues can be a great option.

Have a buffet it’s cheaper
Now, this used to be the case, but our industry has changed so now this is no longer true.  How so? Think of an RSVP card, you are typically asked your meal such as Steak, Chicken or Fish – that information is then passed on to the caterer/venue so they know how much food to prepare which minimizes waste and lower cost depending on the final meal counts.

“Too Good To Be True” Numbers
Just like those websites that tell you when to book what, they also like to tell you how much everything will cost you.  But how can they know that?! Most of these numbers are the national average. Keep in mind NATIONAL – in our area (Rhode Island) we are ranked within the top 10 most expensive places to get married! Websites show you for the national average which is going to be lower than the cost here in RI. 

Wedding Planner /Venue Coordinator, Same Difference

Planners hate this question because they answer is they are NOT the same. One of the biggest differences is that a wedding planner is looking out for the best interest of YOU while the venue coordinator is looking out for the best interest of the venue. 

Replace the DJ with an iPod
Please rethink this idea! Even if you have an iPod or phone loaded up with music, how will you play the music, do you have a sound system? Who will make the announcements? Who will queue up the first dance song and fade it out after a minute and a half? 

My friends a ________ (DJ, Photographer, Florist etc.)
Red flag! We hear this too often and our response is : would you invite them to your wedding? If you say yes, then they aren’t going to be able to attend your wedding, but rather they will be working it. It can also put a strain on your friendship.

While Pinterest is a great idea board it should be left at just that. Pinterest is going to show you fabulous photos for you to pin to your wedding board. Tips on using Pinterest cautiously.

DIY saves money
In some ways it can save you money, however, you need to be extremely organized and plan in advance. You could spend more money than you thought on supplies to put your project together. The project might not turn out how it says it will cause you more stress.

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