4 Common Wedding Speech Mistakes to Avoid

Published 09/22/2020

Delivering a heartfelt homage to a room full of family, close friends, and complete strangers is no easy feat. Public speaking is no doubt intimidating and trying to impress every guest attending the wedding is easier said than done. Don’t fall victim to these common mistakes when preparing your speech.

Not Introducing Yourself
While many wedding guests probably already know who you are, to the ones that don’t be sure to include a short bio. Include your name, and how you know the couple, remember to keep it short and sweet.

Not Rehearsing
Practice makes perfect! You can choose to practice in front of a mirror or practice in front of others. Remember to breathe and pause while practicing.

Dragging it Out
While there is no right answer for how long a wedding speech is, we all have probably sat through a speech and caught ourselves looking at the time. Five minutes is usually a safe length for a speech. The shorter the speech the more time for dancing!

Personal Jokes
Personal jokes immediately alienate you from the rest of your audience. To ensure everyone is on the same page, resist the urge to tell stories of the past. Share how you know the couple and why you love them. it’s important to also talk to the couple not just to one of them.

We have tips on how to write the perfect wedding day speech here.

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