4 Tips for Sleep the Night Before Your Wedding

Published 05/20/2021

Let's be honest—you're probably not going to get a ton of sleep the night before your wedding. Your mind is going to be racing over all the details and timeline which can keep you up all night which will leave you exhausted on your wedding day. Here is how to avoid all that and get a restful night's sleep before your big day!

Bed Time Routine
Before your wedding day establish a bedtime routine and stick to it! Just like when you were a kid set a bedtime and wake-up time then stick to it, even on weekends. This helps to train your brain and body. At most, you should be waking up and going to bed each night within the same two-hour window according to Dr. Helene Emsellem, Director of The Center for Sleep & Wake Disorders and a Clinical Professor of Neurology.

Minimize Screen Time
This is something we hear more and more of even when we are not prepping for a wedding. Those 'blue light' devices are no good for us and make it hard for us to wind down for bed.

Limit Drinking
No afternoon coffee pick me up as that will interfere with your sleep. And try to limit alcohol at least three hours before bed. Why? It takes the average human one hour to metabolize one alcoholic beverage. It can also leave you dehydrated or with irritated eyes in the morning, which is not the look you want! 

To stay asleep, get a good night's rest, and wake up feeling great, there are some basic rules to follow. According to Dr. Breus, you should be sleeping in a cool, dark, and quiet environment. About one hour before bed, limit your electronics and stop drinking fluids. If you wake up during the night, try not to sit or stand up. This will increase your heart rate, which makes it difficult to get back to sleep. "Don't look at the clock," adds Dr. Breus. "When you do, your brain instantly does the mental math and raises your anxiety level. Try the deep breathing and lie there quietly."

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