5 Things No One tells you about Planning Your Wedding Music

Published 06/13/2019

First dance song = biggest decision after saying YES!

You will get stressed out thinking about what songs should be your first dance. The song should reflect both of you as a couple. Don’t worry if it changes multiple times before the wedding day. You almost need to try them on for size before finding the right one. Keep in mind your DJ might have suggestions or if you are torn between two your DJ might be able to mash-up the two songs.

Dancing Abilities

You will start thinking more and more about your dancing abilities. You might choose to take some lessons to really step up your game. You can make dancing lessons fun by including parents and your wedding party to really impress your guests.


Friends who play instruments = ceremony musicians

No, no, no! We hear this a lot, my friend plays the violin and will play during our ceremony. Unless your friend regularly plays for weddings we advise against it. This friend who you most likely would be invited to your wedding want to do that is a guest at your wedding not working during it!

Bigger the speaker = better the sound

FALSE! We ask our couples how many guests will be in attendance for two reasons, we like to know the size of the wedding, but also because it will determine what equipment we need. Where you have your wedding will also determine what kind of sound system is needed for the best sounding music.

You = DJ

Yes, it is your day, but you will want to plan out what songs are played on the day of your wedding. We have all our couples provide us with a playlist of MUST Play songs that way we know these are the songs we must play before the night ends, but from there, let your DJ handle it since that is what you have trusted them to do.

Bonus: Your guests will be wherever you are. So if you want all your guests dancing the night away stay out on that dance floor :)

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