5 Things Wedding Guests LOVE

Published 07/20/2020

While the list of things guests do-not like can be longer we will focus on keeping your guests happy and enjoying your wedding day. Here are 5 things sure to keep everyone happy.

Clear Communication
You are doing a lot of communications with your guests, from your save the dates, invitations to programs, so make sure the information is correct. Spell out all the information they need, where to be, and when. If you have a wedding website be sure the information on there is up to date and accurate for your guest to view. With COVID-19 things are unclear and things ever-changing so keep your guests up to date with your plans.

Awesome Entertainment 
We know a DJ saying have awesome entertainment…think about a wedding or an event, maybe a holiday party you attended with music and dancing, did you dance, love every song being played or did you sit bored wishing they would play the next song? An awesome DJ’s will want to keep the dance floor filled and energy going! Another awesome form of entertainment is having a photo booth! A photo booth will add a candid element of fun to your wedding day and create more memories for your loved ones of your wedding day!

Late-night bites!
Who doesn’t love snacks, especially after a night filled with dancing? Late-night snacks are also an ongoing trend and many venues and caterers have a great menu of late-night snacks, such as mini grill cheese, mini cheeseburgers, or french fries.

You want to be conscious of where you seat people. Is there anyone that doesn’t get along with another guest you have invited? Don’t sit them right next to each other then. People that know each other try to keep them together with people they know. Another trend is having some lounge seating where your guests can relax and talk to catch up on some softer seating.

They want YOU!
Your guests know you have a lot of other people sharing in your wedding, but they will want to talk with you for a few moments. Try to make the effort to talk with your guests. The best way to achieve this is by attending your cocktail hour, so then later you can be out on the dance floor.

What other things do you think your guests will LOVE at your wedding?
What other ideas do you have that your guests will love? We'd love to find out!