5 Tips to Hiring a DJ

Published 03/03/2021

You’re probably nervous since this is likely your first time planning a wedding let a long hiring a DJ. It can be an extremely daunting task, but our advice is to pick out what is most important after you have selected your date and venue and work from your top priority down the list. And do one thing at a time, so you don't get too overwhelmed. 

We want to make sure you pick the best DJ for your wedding day whether it is us or another great company so here are 5 tips on how to hire the perfect DJ for your wedding day. 

Research & Experience 
If you type ‘wedding DJ’ into your search bar you will see pages and pages of results you will need to filter through. Try switching to a wedding-specific site like WeddingWire and The Knot. Sites like these will have highlight or storefronts for each DJ where you can learn more about them, see photos, and most importantly review from past couples. If you like what you see check out their website! We also want to stress that you should look for a DJ with experience in weddings and see if they are familiar with your wedding venue (a huge plus)!  

Check with your venue and see if they have a preferred vendor list. Your venue will have seen great and not so great vendors, especially DJs and they will steer you in the right direction. You can also ask your photographer or reach out to friends who recently got married to check out their experience with the DJ and other vendors they hired. 

The Reach Out 
Make a shortlist before you start reaching out to DJ, pick your top 3 or 5 then reach out so you do not get overwhelmed with responses. Read some of our tips on how to inquire with wedding pros to find out if they are the best fit for your wedding day.  

Once you reach out how do they respond? Do they call you back when you asked to be emailed? Does it take them a long time to respond to your inquiry? How is the conversation going? You want to get a sense of their style to see if they are a good fit. Most DJs will help guide the conversation to find out more about your wedding day so just be honest with them. How do they present important information to you? Is it presented neatly and professionally or is it hard to deceiver?  

Trust Your Gut 
After you have evaluated the results it's time to choose. If you like everything you have heard and feel they will help you create the wedding day you envision then hire them before someone else does! 

Enjoy Your Wedding Day! 
See it, is not that hard to hire the right DJ for your wedding day, but just do your research and take some time to either talk with them over the phone or meet them in person to see if you connect and feel comfortable with them. 

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We hope if you are looking for a DJ you give us the opportunity to be considered! 
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