5 Ways to Announce Your Engaged

Published 01/11/2021

Did you just get engaged?! Congrats! You are probably jumping at the ready to start spreading your news to everyone important in your life. We came up with 5 great ways to announce your engagement.  Get ready to shout it from the rooftops or just tell your close circle of those nearest and dearest to you, whichever is your style. 

Here are some of our favorite ways to announce your engagement. 

Tell your VIPs right away.  

The question has been popped, you said yes, and now the ring is on your ringer, no what? Take a few moments to let it sink in, this could be a few minutes, hours, or days it's up to you. Then start telling the important people in your life. FaceTime your parents or your bestie to share the great news. You’ll want to tell parents, siblings and other close family and friends right away.  

Share the news on social media   
Put it out there for all the world to see, this has become the new norm. After you have personally reached out to your VIPs take to your social media platform to share your news. You might want to use a photo from the proposal with a story of how it happened. Whichever platform you choose, we recommend keeping your post short and sweet. Save the details for your wedding website or to tell people in person. Just be ready for the wave of comments and likes from your announcement 

Throw a party  
Any excuse for a party, right? Engagement parties tend to be a casual way to get two families together. However, COVID has made for these celebrations to look a bit different so they are not ‘mini weddings’ which some can be. Think about going to dinner with your respective parents to celebrate. Or even a zoom video call with all your VIPs. Keep in mind if you do have an engagement party those invited should also be on your wedding guest list.  

Create a wedding website
No idea how to create a wedding website? No worries we have an entire post on how you can easily create one (for free) and what information should be on them, here 

Your wedding website is where you can share all about your love story, how you met, and how the proposal happened. It will later turn into a place for your wedding guests to see your wedding day details, but don’t sweat if you do not have any of those details just yet. Be mindful to only share your wedding website address with those who are invited to the wedding. 

Plan an engagement photoshoot
This is one of our favorites. Now you might have had a professional photographer capture your proposal which is amazing but if not think about engagement photos. You will most likely be hiring a photographer to capture all the moments of your wedding day and many will offer engagement photos with their package. This works out great for you to get some practice being in front of the camera and helps you get to know your photographer better. We cannot stress enough that you need to like and trust all your wedding vendors, especially your photographer as they will be with you all day.  

No matter how you decide to announce your engagement we want to say congratulations! And have fun with it! It is an extremely exciting moment in your life, and it should be celebrated.

When you are ready to start looking for your wedding day entertainment, we hope you will keep us in mind and contact us 

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