5 Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date

Published 08/27/2020

What’s worse than having to delete your wedding date off your calendar? Not much but don’t delete it, you can still celebrate! Sure, you can pretend “it’s just a date, no big deal” but to some, it is a huge deal! Many couples who have planned their wedding day for 2020 have had to make the tough decision to postpone and its ok to be sad about that!

If you planned to get married this year, we feel for you. Your original wedding date should just pass by without any kind of celebration. Whether you want to go big or small in your celebration we have seen couples celebrating their original date in some creative ways we want to share with you!

Dress the Part
You can be honest loungewear has become your staple during the pandemic, but now is the perfect time to dust off some ‘real’ clothes to look your best. Or wear some fun monogramed loungewear (photo linked to more options). If you have your wedding dress, you can choose to wear it or wait until your new wedding date. Treat yourself and go get your hair and makeup done, think of it as a trial for your wedding day. If you aren’t comfortable going to get your hair and make-up done maybe treat yourself to some new makeup to try.

Eat and Drink the Good Stuff 
Order takeout from your favorite restaurant, or get pizza, whatever you prefer! Get a bottle of champagne. If you are having signature drinks at your wedding play bartender and make them. Eat cake! If you are using a bakery, chances are they can make a small cake for you to celebrate with. Sin Bakery in Providence, RI makes mini wedding cakes! 

Have or Practice Your First Dance
Turn up the music real loud and dance the night away with your love. No one is stopping you from having that first dance or practicing your wedding choreography until you get it just right. Why stop at your first dance? Keep the music playing and break a sweat and dance the night away together.

Take Photos 
Take some photos of you eating dinner, drinking your champagne, or make a TikTok for your first dance, Capture the memories, and feel free to share it with family and friends.

Maybe you don’t want to wait to get married anymore so you’ve decided to just to it. You can go to the town hall and apply for your marriage license or contact your officiant to legally marry you. You can also decide to make it private or maybe let your guests know and Livestream your wedding ceremony. A trend we are seeing is couples who choose to still get married have their guests surprise them by having a car parade (which would need to be coordinated by a parent or friend to keep it a surprise).

Make it your own and keep it fun! There are many ways you can get creative to celebrate your original wedding day. Remember to continue to practice safe social distancing to keep everyone healthy and safe.

If you would like music for your smaller celebration or a killer playlist to dance the night away to contact us.