5 Easy Ways to Repurpose Your Bouquet After the Wedding

Published 07/24/2021

Written By Guest Blogger: Siege Media

Flowers are a big part of any wedding, but what do you do with them when the wedding is over? Rather than just tossing your bouquet in the trash, try these
creative ideas for repurposing dead flowers to help the magic of your wedding day live on. 

Frame the Flowers

Turn your wedding bouquet into a lasting keepsake by pressing and framing the flowers. To dry out the flowers, simply place them between the pages of a book and let them sit for a couple of weeks to flatten. Then arrange the pressed flowers in a picture frame with wedding photos or other keepsakes from your wedding day, and you have a unique new piece of home decor to commemorate your special day. 

Make Potpourri

DIY potpourri is another easy craft you can make with the flowers from your wedding. Flowers that retain their shape and color when dried, such as roses and peonies, are the best to use for this project, but you can use whatever flowers you have. Simply let the flowers dry out, mix with 3-5 drops of your favorite essential oil, and bake the mixture for a few hours.

Decorate Your Phone Case

Make the magic of your wedding last by carrying your flowers with you on your phone case. All you need is a clear phone case. Press the flowers and arrange them in the case, securing them with a clear adhesive if desired, and then snap the phone back into place for a chic memento of your wedding day.

Make Bath Salts

If you love to take relaxing baths, try incorporating your flowers into DIY bath salts. Try
FTD’s easy recipe for floral bath salts:

  • Mix 1 cup Epsom salt, 1 cup Dead Sea salt, and ½ cup baking soda in a bowl or jar.
  • Combine your flower petals or buds into the salt mixture.
  • Add in your favorite essential oils. 

Create Coasters

Drink coasters are another creative keepsake you can make with your wedding flowers. This craft does take some time, but with your pressed flowers and some epoxy resin you can create beautiful DIY coasters to use in your home or gift to members of your wedding party or other loved ones.

Try one or more of these crafty ideas to preserve and enjoy the beautiful flowers from your bouquet, and the memories they inspire, long after your wedding day.

Which one will you try?
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