6 Things You Should Tell Your Wedding DJ

Published 01/19/2021

While most couples understand the importance of having a great DJ it is important to remember we can make your wedding the best day ever! If you do not tell us certain details. Here are 6 things you should tell your DJ to ensure you have the best wedding ever!

Important Songs
What we call “Must Plays” and with our client login are, this is super easy! You simply drag and drop songs to where they belong. All your formalities fit in one place but then we ask you to give us a few ‘must play’ songs. We want to know the song that you and your friends would jump up and dance to no matter where you are when it came on. If there are any specifics with the songs, such as ending it after the chorus let us know that too!

There is nothing worse than someone saying your name wrong, what would be worse is saying it wrong on your wedding day! At Arpeggio the introductions are critical to setting the tone of your wedding and we want to pronounce everyone's name correctly.  We do this by reviewing all the names with you beforehand.

Most couples let us know if it is ok for their guests to request songs and most common is they allow it but with the DJs digression. Most of the times guest is requesting a song just simply to request a song, a good DJ will know if the song they are requesting will be successful with your crowd based on other songs they have played.

Do NOT Playlist
Just like your ‘must play’ songs are important your ‘do not play’ are even more important, we don’t want to play anything you do not want to hear! Number one request our couples do not playlist – line dances! (Obviously, the chicken dance is included!)

For introductions let us know the tone you want us to set. Our Emcee style is to just be on the microphone when necessary to keep your guests informed of what is happening. But we want to know your style and comfort level as some couple’s love being the center of attention while others do not.

Family Dynamics
Let us know of any strained relationships, divorcees, or other things that could cause awkwardness.  We don’t need all your guest's details just your VIPS or wedding party.  We will use the utmost care and sensitivity while interacting with those guests and in making announcements at your reception.

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