6 Ways to Incorporate Pantoneʼs Color of the Year

Published 02/08/2020

By Guest Blogger: Kim Hess

Your wedding party’s color makes a statement and sets a mood. Choosing the right color and using it effectively will help personalize that special day and make it memorable. Newlyweds have a great option in 2020. When Pantone declares its color of the year, it’s easy to find. And few colors are better suited to a celebration of commitment than this year's choice: Classic Blue. In Pantone’s words, the color instills a sense of calm, confidence and connection.

Here are six great ways to bring the message of classic (and true blue) to your New England wedding.


Depending on the formality of your wedding, your bridesmaids' dresses can either be in matching or in coordinating blue shades. The groom and his groomsmen could wear colored suits, ties or cummerbunds. Brides don’t have to limit their blue choice to the traditional garter. They can opt for a blue gown or add pop to a wedding outfit with blue shoes.

Bouquets, Flowers, and Centerpiece

Classic Blue — the color of the evening sky, according to Pantone — looks great against the traditional white or ivory of a wedding dress, bringing out the sparkle and freshness of the fabric. There are no true blue flowers or orchids in nature, so if you want this color, the flowers will have to be dyed. Bridesmaids can also carry blue flowers in their bouquets to complement the bride. Groomsmen can wear blue boutonnieres. Tabletops will also sparkle with a blue and white arrangement, whether the tablecloth is a traditional white or classic blue.

Highlights to an Outdoor Space

You can come as close as you can to a Classic Blue with light blue and purple flowers in annuals or potted plants. These flowering blues range from flashy hydrangea to modest cornflowers. With a little extra landscape planning, flowers can be planted in the ground along the aisle where the bridal party walks. Or more simply, they can put in pots or cut and woven in arbors to define space.


A signature cocktail for your wedding will add distinction as well as color in an unexpected way. The key to most blue cocktails is blue Curacao, an ingredient in blue margaritas, blue pina coladas, or a variety of icy blue martinis. Two other liquors, Hpnotiq, which has a tropical fruit flavor, and UV Blue, a flavored low-cost vodka, can also spice up your true blue wedding drink.


You can add color to dining and serving tables in a variety of ways, besides flowers. Plates, linens, and candles can all carry out your wedding’s Classic Blue color scheme, as can place cards, menus and small gift boxes. Paper or floral garnishes can also add spots of color.

6. Lighting

The right lighting can add magic to your wedding. Blue uplighting against the walls can transform any room adding both color and drama. Under-table lighting will add a delicate but impressive effect. Other possibilities include dance floor lighting to entice guests to get up on their feet or pin lighting to highlight the wedding cake.

Something blue has always been part of weddings. In 2020, the availability of classic blue will help create an elegant and inspiring day-to-remember.


Kim Hess is a nature lover and wedding planner who enjoys incorporating a hometown feel in the ceremonies and receptions she designs. She also enjoys tasting food at venues around the country, so she can recommend the best wedding day feasts. (Hey, somebody’s gotta do it!)