7 Tips for Your Wedding Thank You Notes

Published 08/02/2021

After the wedding, there are still a few things left to do, like writing the thank you notes/cards for all the nice things you've received from your guests. Here are 7 do's and don’ts to help you:


Mail your cards out within three months
Just like when you send out thank you notes for other gifts like your birthday or housewarming you should send a thank you within a few days of receiving the gift. However since weddings can be a very busy time both before and after a wedding, etiquette allows you a three-month grace period to send a thank you. Just think the sooner you do them the better, so you will not have to worry about them.

Write them in groups
Don’t go crazy, or procrastinate, do a little at a time. Make it more manageable, do 5-10 a week until you tackle them all. By packing yourself, you will be able to write more meaningful and thoughtful messages.

Be organized
Be sure if you have a shower and you open gifts at it that someone usually the maid of honor will keep track of your gifts with who and what it is. Same goes for your wedding, which you will most likely open at home, so open up a notebook or a spreadsheet and keep track of your gifts to make writing your thank you notes easier.

Divide and conquer
Your better half shouldn’t be sitting on the sidelines, give them some of the work to do. Let them write the thank you notes for their family and friends. BE sure to write and sign the card with both names or even co-sign them.


Use pre-printed cards
Your guests took the time to get you a gift, and probably spent some money to attend your wedding, whether they bought an outfit, booked a hotel etc. Don’t take the easy way out with generic pre-printed or fill in the blank cards. Those were great when you were 8 or 9 years old, but not so great for a wedding.

Forget anyone
Anyone that helped you, gave a gift or had any part of your day should be thanked. This includes your photographer, your DJ, florist, parents, and the wedding party. It will meet a lot to everyone that you thought of them and that you appreciate what they did for you.

Write a novel
Don’t feel you need to write a novel, 4-5 sentences will suffice. Make sure to thank them for coming to your wedding, thank them for their gift, why you liked it or how you plan to use it.

With these tips in mind, you should be a professional on thank you cards. Just remember, do a little at a time; there is no need to make yourself crazy and trying to complete them all in one shot.

Make sure you have awesome vendors to thank at your wedding. If you don’t already have your entertainment, give us a call 401-769-1325 or send us an email today to talk about your wedding day entertainment.