8 Details You Should Include in Your Wedding Invitation

Published 08/11/2022

Guest Blog Written by Tracie Johnson

Your wedding invitation is the first impression your guests will have of your wedding. It's your opportunity to tell your story and share some background on your relationship. You can personalize your invitation, including the text, style, paper, and envelope. It's best to keep your wedding invitation design simple and classic instead of new and trendy, which can be risky. The details below must be included in your wedding invitation.

1. The Host

The first thing your guests will notice is the name of the person who invited them. It's an excellent opportunity to thank your host for inviting them and tell them a little about why you're excited to share your special day with them. The bride's parents are often the hosts for traditional weddings, and their names must appear first on the invitation. However, you can include the names of both the bride and groom's parents regardless of who's footing the bills.

2. The Request to Attend

Invitation etiquette dictates that the wedding host must first request their guests attend. It is an excellent opportunity to thank your hosts for inviting them and tell them a little about why you're excited to share your special day with them. It's also an opportunity to refer guests to your welcome email, which you'll include in your invitation if you decide to use one. You can customize the text of the request to attend or keep it simple and request that your guests attend.

3. The Names of Couple

Your wedding is an occasion to celebrate and honor your relationship, so it's also an ideal opportunity to share some background information about yourself and your partner. Include the names of both the bride and groom on the invitation to show your guests who the principal decision-makers are in the relationship.

In high-end wedding invitations, the bride's name is often the first to appear, followed by the groom's name. Additionally, the bride is addressed by her first and middle name, while the groom is addressed by his full name. However, same-sex wedding invitations require a single name for both the bride and groom.

4. The Date and Time

The date and time of your wedding are important because they indicate the order your guests will be invited to attend. The date is often first, followed by the time. This will help your guests plan their schedules and avoid last-minute panics.

5. The Location

The location of your wedding is also essential because it allows your guests to plan their travel. The traditional location of a wedding is the bride's parent's home, but you can choose to share your location with your guests through your invitation. Keep in mind that you can tailor your wedding venue to your preferences and budget. Hence, you can have your ceremony at a local venue, such as a courthouse or park, instead of a hotel or cruise ship.

6. Dress Code

You can also share the dress code with your guests through the invitation. This is an opportunity to tell your guests the theme of your wedding, such as formal, casual, or black tie. It's also an opportunity to share the color scheme of your wedding to help your guests choose the proper attire. It's best to keep it simple and to the point. You can also remind your guests that the weather will be warm in case they want to dress accordingly.

7. RSVP Requirements

The next thing your guests will notice is whether they need to RSVP. The formal RSVP requirements are that guests need to respond by the date and time listed on the invitation. Some couples prefer to limit the number of guests who can RSVP. This can be an effective way to manage your guest list and ensure that your wedding is intimate.

Another important thing you should ask your guest is if they have any song requests. A Wedding DJ is crucial in keeping your guest entertained, thus, it’s a good idea to compile a list of songs everyone can dance to

8. Reception Information

You can also share the information about the reception with your guests through the invitation. This information tells your guests where and when they can celebrate with you after your ceremony. The reception is essential since it will allow your guests to make an informed decision about attending.

Wedding invitations are an excellent opportunity to share information about your special day with your guests. By customizing your wedding invitation, you can ensure that your guests understand the theme of your wedding and the importance of being there for you.

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