Answers to Your Entertainment Questions

Published 04/28/2020

Once your entertainment is booked, hopefully with us here at Arpeggio Wedding Entertainment there is planning that goes into each and every wedding we do. The time span of the planning process varies, but here are the common questions we get from couples during their planning process.

Where do I get song ideas?
You are able to work on your music request lists until roughly two weeks before your wedding.  While these tools are optional, we highly encourage you to take advantage of them. Fill in what comes easily to you which might be the songs you do not want to be played at your wedding versus the songs you do want to hear.  As far as where to get your ideas, listening to the radio, ask guests coming to the wedding what they will dance to, our song lists, the internet.

The song I want is not in your song library? Can you play it?
Yes! It is hard to have every song ever made so it happens that a song you want may not appear on our list.  If that happens, let us know the song and we will obtain it as long as it is available for us to purchase.  If it is your friend’s high school band that never made it big, don’t sweat it if you have the file on your computer or a CD of the song we will add it to our database!

What if my wedding schedule changes?
Things will change don’t sweat it! If you need us to play longer than what our original contract says there may be an additional cost.  But if the times of changed all together just let us know and we can typically accommodate.

What if I need more sound?
This is common for weddings that have multiple spaces, say your ceremony is outside on the lawn, then the cocktail hour on a patio, then the reception inside, you will most likely need another small sound system for outside to make sure your wedding runs smoothly. We probably already discussed your needs when you booked but as we mentioned things change.

What if I want the photo booth or lighting?
This is common as we get closer towards your wedding day and we can typically accommodate these add-ons, but let us know as soon as you can.

Have other questions we didn’t answer, let us know!