Published 12/22/2020

Almost all couples are working with a budget of some kind while planning their wedding.  But the one phrase most wedding vendors hate to hear is “I’m on a budget.”  It is too vague!  

Phrases we always hear: “What is your pricing? We’re on a budget.” 

“We’re on a budget so we would like your best price” 

"We just want the basic." 

We understand setting a budget, but we need you to help us understand your budget. What are you looking for? What you consider to be basic? Keep in mind what we consider basic might be two different things. Avoid frustration by explaining to your wedding vendors what your budget means. 

Just saying, “I’m on a budget” isn’t telling us much.  Neither is "basic." Depending on the vendor they are, they could be thinking budget means $5,000 while to others it means $15,000. 

You do not need to specify a definite number but giving a range is incredibly helpful. 

Vendors are here to help you! If your budget is not in line with what they offer they will offer alternatives or refer you to someone who is better might be a better fit.   

Keep in mind that your budget might be unrealistic, (don’t roll your eyes) there is a lot of information on the internet on weddings and what the average for services on your wedding day. Those are averages, the New England area consistently is within the top 10 most expensive places to get married so prices will most likely be higher than the average. A wedding vendor who is a true professional will be able to give you invaluable insight as to what you should budget for their service since they are the professionals. 

While you are planning your budget, do your research don’t just pick a number at random. If you need more help, consider hiring a wedding planner to help – they can save you money!  

Most vendors are happy to work with all types of budgets, but they need to be defined and sensible. Unless you define your budget, your vendor will not know if they are a good match for you. 

Please be forthcoming about your budget. Wedding vendors will be honest and will tell you whether they can work within that budget, what they can do that is within your budget and they can help you understand what a realistic budget is.  

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