Caring for your Ring

Published 05/30/2019

Are you loving your new addition to your ring finger? Chances are you are still in awe and can’t wait to jump into wedding planning.  But before you do here are some mistakes you might be making with your engagement ring!

Wear it 24/7
I know taking off your ring is the last thing you want to do but you could be doing things that are damaging your ring! Cleaning, for instance, the products you use to clean could be damaging your ring and worse causing your ring to lose its shine!

Taking a shower or bath or going swimming, think about taking your ring off and putting it in a safe place. It will be much easier for your ring to slide off in the shower and disappear down the drain. Soaps and cleaners used in the shower can also build up gunk on your ring. While swimming your fingers typically shrink, making it more likely for your ring to slide off your finger and go missing

When you do take your ring off be sure to store it in a safe place! A box is always a good place so it is by itself and protected from getting scratched or damaged by other pieces of jewelry.

Check Up
Just like you should go to the doctors to get your annual check up your ring needs to get checked out too. Most jewelers recommend that you get your ring looked at every 8 months to make sure the setting is still strong.

Your engagement ring is irreplaceable; however, it is super important to insure your ring, just in case. You can usually add it on to your current renters/ home insurance policy. It will give you peace of mind when you are out wearing your ring.

When you get your ring looked at chances are they will also clean it for you. But you can always clean your ring yourself, soak the ring in a bowl of warm water and a small amount of soap for a few minutes will help loosen up any stubborn pieces of dirt. Use a soft toothbrush to clean off any mud and grime and voila! Your sparkle is back.

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