Debbie Say's "I Do" (2)

Published 06/10/2015

About two months into the engagement and we are now looking into venues for our special day. We aren't set on a date but are leaning towards Fall of 2016 (September or October) 

You would think it would be super easy to pick a venue since Arpeggio gets to work at so many so I am familiar with many...think again. I am looking for something that fits mine and Jeff's personality. We both have mixed feeling on venues as well, so that doesn't help!

I would love to be outside if possible (a tented) where Jeff is an air conditioning lover so he'd prefer to be inside. But we can compromise.

I started revisiting venue websites and reading reviews (I love hearing others experiences, either good or bad) I would then show Jeff the venues and ask what he thought. Most places he would say looks good, let's go look at it. I knew before we looked we should find out a general idea of pricing after all who isn't on a budget?

I emailed some venues I knew directly, others I filled out their contact us page. The ones that are 15+ questions - that is way too many, I did not want to type out my whole wedding plan, because I don't know it yet. Most venues were very responsive and I got emails back within 24 hours, maybe it is because I'm in the industry? I can't say every venue was as responsive as I would like, some I haven't heard back from.

The emails I got back were mostly pleasant, but I have to rant a bit here... I don't care how many awards the venue has one and what the XYZ Newspaper says about wedding is about ME (and Jeff) :)

Next Step: Do some site visits to the venues to get a better idea of the space.

Goal: Pick a venue/date by the 4th of July! (too ambitious?)

Enough about my wedding let's talk about yours! Email me all about your big day!