Debbie Says "I Do"

Published 05/13/2015

I can't believe I have not blogged about this yet,  I am now engaged!! Here is my fiance and me last Halloween as Stu and Didi Pickles, I think we nailed it! So basic questions, was I surprised? Yes!  I knew Jeff had been looking for a ring but did not think he had one or was going to pop the question when he did.

Where did it happen? In Bristol.  We had massages then dinner at Dewolf Tavern then after dinner went for a walk along the waterfront where Jeff then knelt down and asked if I would marry him.

What did a do next? Besides cry because I was so happy I had to call my parents then his then my best friend.  I was over the moon and could not believe what had happened.  I then was so embarrassed at my nails, they were a mustard yellow, which I liked the color, but they were all chipped and needed to be redone.  So within days I went and got a new manicure.

I then had to get the ring resized so I did not have it for a week! Imagine being in the wedding industry than other professionals who I work with regularly hear I got engaged and want to see the ring, then I don't have it! I now have it back.

So where do I start with my wedding planning?  Step one: Get a Manicure Check mark symbol

This series, "Debbie Says I Do" is going to be about what I am doing to plan my own wedding to help you if you are recently engaged.  By no means is this the exact order you should follow, but I will be sharing what I am doing and what I find being on the "other side".  Only thing I have done besides for getting a manicure is decided we would like to wedding to be Fall of 2016.

Next Step: Figure out the guest list number, so I can start looking at venues!