Debbie Says I Do (11)

Published 08/31/2016

We are almost at the 30 days out mark, which is crazy!  And things are now moving full speed ahead.  We have finalized our menu options but still need to decide on specialty drinks and desserts.

The invitations have been designed, printed and stamped and are in the mail! And we are slowly getting back the RSVPs which is a little frustrating since they are stamped and just need to be filled out and dropped in a mailbox.

After over 6 months of not seeing my dress, I finally went for my first fitting and brought two close friends along.  Needless to say, both cried when they finally saw me in the dress.  The fitting was great and I did not want to take the dress off!

What's left is minor details: Welcome Bags for our hotel guests, ordering our favors, signage for the wedding, gifts for parents and wedding party.  There is also bound to be other last minute things that pop up between now and then.

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