Do I need a DJ for my ceremony?

Published 09/16/2019

When we first talk with couples we ask for more information on their day, usually starting with what time your ceremony is taking place and where. It is common for the ceremony to be in the same place as your reception, but maybe outside then reception is inside a ballroom. We then ask if you need us (the DJ) to provide music for the ceremony and the response we get is....nothing.

Lots of time couples haven't thought about ceremony music.  Then ask themselves do I need music for the ceremony? Or for that matter a DJ.

Let's think about this your guests are all there to hear you say "I do." If your guests can't hear you say those words, then you might have a problem.

Here are some questions we ask to help you decide whether you need a sound system for your ceremony.

Your Guest Count is 100+
If you are only expecting 40-50 guests then you can keep it intimate without needing microphones as long as you speak up.  But if you have a larger crowd think about your guests in the back, will they hear you say "I do"? Also think about where your ceremony is taking place, lots of times it is outside where you cannot control outdoor noises, cars passing, birds, boats etc. We strongly recommend having us there for your ceremony to ensure all your guests can hear your ceremony.

Outdoor Ceremony

Outdoor ceremonies are so common nowadays, but there are some things to consider. If your ceremony was inside a building, the sound will reflect and bounce back. Outside with no walls, the sound disappears into the wind. Depending on where you are having your ceremony outside, a garden, on a lawn, on a beach, you will have different outdoor sounds to cope with. You would hate to have your Uncle not be able to hear you say your vows because all they heard was a car horn.

What does a Ceremony Sound System Have?
At Arpeggio your ceremony sound system will always include, background music being played as guests arrive - about a half-hour prior to the ceremony start time. We will then play any music during the ceremony as well as music while your guests exit the ceremony onto your cocktail hour. We will also have a microphone or two available for you.

We use a lapel microphone because no one wants to see a handheld microphone that is covering your face in your wedding photos. If you have readings during your ceremony, we can always use a microphone on a stand for the readings.

If you need a sound system, we’ll include one in the plans we put together when you first meet with us. If you don’t, we won’t. And if we’re not sure, we’ll ask you – or we’ll research your venue and find out. You worry about saying the vows. We’ll worry about amplifying them.

If that sounds like the right approach – and your wedding’s in the Rhode Island area – drop us a line. We’d love to make a plan that works for you.