Easy 5-Step Floral Bouquets for Any Occasion

Published 02/05/2021

Written by Makenzie Pohl FTD

Looking for a new activity to take on? Try making your own flower bouquet! This activity is perfect to try at home for any occasion. Making your own bouquet is not only fun but saves you money if you’re looking to cut down on costs. You even get a chance to support local businesses that may be struggling during this time. Plus, making your own bouquet allows you to customize and make it unique to you!

If you want to make your own floral bouquet for any occasion, read more to learn how to in five simple steps. 

1. Gather Materials 

  • Flowers: Pick out your favorite flowers from your local shop to use for the bouquet. 
  • Scissors: These will be needed to clean up the stems as you create the bouquet handle. 
  • Floral tape: This helps keep the flowers in place after arranging them.
  • Decorative ribbon: Placing ribbon of your choosing around the bouquet will give it a special. 

Picking Your Flowers

Picking out flowers that are in-season and from your local shop will ensure that they will be fresh — plus it gives you an opportunity to support small businesses! Additionally, flowers that come from local shops are usually more budget-friendly. 

Make sure to order your flowers two months before to ensure the exact flowers you want are in stock! Also, we recommend ordering more flowers than you might need in case you make mistakes while making your bouquet. 

2. Prep the Flowers

After gathering your materials and picking out the flowers, you’re ready to begin. Place everything on a tabletop and make sure the extra foliage has been taken off the stems. 

3. Cut Stems 

The next step is to trim the leaves off where you’ll be tying the bouquet together with floral tape. This will make it easier to either carry the bouquet or put it into its vase. 

4. Putting Together the Arrangement

After prepping, decide how to arrange the flowers. Begin by choosing up to four flowers that will look great as the base or focal point of your bouquet. Make the bouquet bigger by adding more flowers around the base.  Do this by turning the bouquet continuously and adding stems until your arrangement is at your desired size. 

5. Securing the Bouquet

Once your flowers are arranged as desired, secure the stems tightly just below the blooms with your floral tape. This will ensure that everything stays in place and gives your bouquet the extra support it needs before placing it into a vase. If your bouquet has any excess stems at the base, feel free to trim these until the length is to your liking. 

Place the finished bouquet in a vase with fresh water until the day of your wedding. On the day, finish off your wedding bouquet by placing a decorative handle over the floral tape. This can be anything 

Congratulations, you’ve learned how to make a bouquet! Have fun with it — experiment with different flowers and decorative ribbons to get the perfect look. Whether you’re looking to kill time while you’re at home or you’re preparing for a special occasion, these five steps will help you create a floral bouquet with ease. 

Check out this how-to video from FTD


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