Frequently Asked Questions When Booking a DJ

Published 11/10/2020

How far in advance should a couple book their DJ?
Typically, couples will already have their date and venue before contacting us.  The majority of couples book anywhere from 8-18 months in advance.

Do we have insurance?
It’s important to note that it is no mandated for DJs to have insurance but most venues will require any wedding vendor to have proper liability insurance. We have a two-million-dollar liability policy.

How far in advance does my DJ arrive?
We arrive at least an hour before the start time on our contract.

Can we request specific songs for our DJ to play?
Absolutely! Playing your specific requests is our top priority when selecting the musical arrangement for your event. You can create a list of "must plays", "play if you have time" and "do not plays" with our online planning tools. Our online music library consists of the most requested song. Of course, you are not limited to that list, if you are thinking of a song that you do not see on our list we will get it for you and add it to our database.

What are some extra services that couples can add to their wedding packages?
Many couples choose to add either lighting or a photo booth with their entertainment. What is becoming even more popular is our lawn games, which make a great addition to outdoor weddings or cocktail hour. 

The ceremony is the most important part! Most couples feel their officiant will be loud enough for all their guest to hear but we always encourage a microphone to ensure everyone can hear the officiant and you!

What makes us different from other DJ companies?
One thing that sets us apart is that we want to hear more about you and tell you less about us.  We want to truly learn about you so that we can personalize your wedding to make your guest say, ‘wow that is so them’. We also always send two DJs to every wedding we do to ensure smooth transitions and constant communication with all your other wedding vendors the day of, to ensure you have the most memorable day.

Don't want the chicken dance played at your wedding? Then contact us today to create the perfect playlist for your perfect wedding day!