Honor Passed Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Published 07/15/2021

Just because they are not here doesn’t mean you cannot honor their memory.  Here are some ideas you can incorporate into your own wedding.

Wear something that reminds you of them
If they always wore light blue, wear light blue shoes.  If they were a big baseball fan - make a nod towards their favorite sports team in your decorations at your venue.

Wear something that belonged to them
Jewelry is the most common item you might have from a loved one.  So include a necklace or ring that was theirs into your look. If your loved one was a male, you can wrap his favorite tie around the stems of your bouquet.  Photos can also be added to your bouquet.

Photos are a great way of remembering loved ones.  You can decorate your venue with them, use candles as an extra element. 

Include them in your program
You can have a statement in your program, saying “In loving memory of…” this can be included after your order of services if you choose to create a program for your guests.

Empty Seats at Ceremony
This has become a popular trend, of leaving an empty chair at your ceremony with a reserved sign displaying the loved one in a photo, or their name with flowers.

Release something in their memory
No doubt this will create tears, but it a beautifully touching tribute.  You can releases, balloons, doves, butterflies, and most popular lanterns.

Guest favors as nods to their loved ones
If your loved one loved fudge, give guests fudge as favors.  Another idea is if your loved one had a drink of choice, using my grandpa who loved scotch you can encourage your guests to indulge as well.

In the event your loved one died of a sickness, you can donate to an associated charity on their behalf in lieu of giving your guests favors.

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