How do I find my wedding vendors?

Published 01/03/2019

December is the most popular month for engagements which means come January it becomes planning, or for us “wedding booking season” for us here at Arpeggio. There are the couples that have the majority of their wedding planned already, some couples that only have the bare minimum, and the couples that just got engaged in December and need to decide if they will get married this year or wait until next year. We receive numerous inquiries for our services, especially after the wedding shows we plan to attend at the beginning of the year: check out which shows we will be at here

So once you are engaged how do you find your wedding vendors? Wedding shows are a great way to start. We meet a lot of our couples while we are at wedding shows. They are a great resource to see many different vendors in one place in a short about of time. Imagine if you drove to each vendor's office and met with them, you couldn’t do it in the same amount of time you saw each vendor at a wedding show. There are many other great resources available to help you find your wedding vendors such as WeddingWire.

There are several sites that allow you to search by city and vendor category. They also show photos of their work and reviews from past couples which can be helpful. One of the best resources is your venue, once you have chosen it. Chances are your venue has seen numerous vendors and will likely have a preferred list. Not just any vendor can get on a venue’s list. Most venues require that you have at least performed a wedding at their venue. You showed dedication and excellence in your craft. Preferred vendor list consists of the area’s leading wedding vendors and consultants. They can be handpicked for the best of the best. Vendors on this list are all come highly recommended, licensed and insured. So ask your venue if they have a list for you to look at. Then you can go on sites like WeddingWire to research each vendor more.

Another great resource that often time gets overlooked is your vendors. You might have the venue and photographer and you are currently looking for your entertainment. Ask your photographer for some recommendations; be sure to tell them what you are looking for so they can fit you with a good match. Chances are, just like a venue they have worked with several entertainers and have ones they prefer working with over others. We also ask our couples who else they are looking for and give them recommendations to those we think would fit their needs and budget.

Here in Rhode Island, we have a fantastic resource that is quickly growing – the Rhode Island Wedding Group, which we are proud members of. This group is a collaborative of 40+ experienced wedding professionals that consistently meet high standards of excellence and value. We are an excellent resource for couples looking for a stress-free wedding planning process customized to their ideas, vision, and budget. Together, we form a unique network of vendors that can assist you in every stage of your wedding planning.

When you work with us at Arpeggio, we are always happy to give you any recommendations you may need. If you need help simple click here and let us know who you are looking for.