How do you turn down vendors?

Published 12/07/2018

This is something that just about everyone has to do at some point in their wedding planning- turning down wedding vendors! Yes, it’s not a fun thing, but in reality, it’s part of planning a wedding. So let’s get talking about how to turn down wedding vendors, shall we?

Turning down vendors — how do you do it? I interviewed two (wedding vendors) I liked both and would have enjoyed working with either of them, but a decision has to be made. What’s the polite and the right way to inform a vendor you’re not going to contract with them?

Meeting with a few different vendors is something that most everyone has to do, and we encourage you to explore your options. But at some point, you have to make a decision and get your favorite vendors booked for your wedding (because let’s be honest, they tend to book up fast!)… but what about the other vendors that you met with? What should you do if you didn't choose them? At first, your initial thought might be to just not let them know at all. It seems like it’s the best way, right? Just hope that they’ll eventually forget about your meeting? Well, things, unfortunately, don’t work that way. Wedding pros are running a business, and a big part of any business is following up with potential clients. Here at Arpeggio, we try to get a response either (yes or a no) from each couple we contact and speak with about their wedding. If we are not a good fit we won't feel bad and will be thankful for your letting us know you will not be hiring us so we can talk to other potential couples.

When it comes time to let vendors know that you've decided to go with someone else, the best way to start is to just let them know. As I mentioned before, sometimes your natural inclination is to just avoid it. But letting them know is the polite and acceptable thing to do. All you have to say is something along the lines of, “It was so great to meet you! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing work with myself and my fiance! Unfortunately, we've decided to go with another photographer/florist/planner/vendor for our wedding, but thank you so much for your time!”

In addition to just letting the vendor know that you won’t be contracting with them, you might receive a response asking why you decided on another vendor. Of course, this isn't necessary for you to respond to but it helps to have feedback.

Don't feel bad about turning people down. We know we are right the not entertainment company for everyone! if it isn't going to work out, be honest and let your vendors know you have chosen someone else.