How Get Your Hashtag Used

Published 08/27/2019

The new trend for weddings this season is hashtags.  Even if couples do not plan on having one chance are one is invented for them by the end of the night.  The most important thing if you plan on using a hashtag is to make sure your guest know what it is.  To get the most out of your hashtag follow these tips:

Start Using It ASAP

As soon as you come up with your hashtag you should start using it.  The more people see it the more they will recognize it and be more inclined to use it themselves.

Spread the Word

Word of mouth is always another great way to get your hashtag out there, especially if you are having a mixed generation wedding. If you want, you can include it on your save the dates and even your invitations.

Wedding Party Involvement

Make sure your wedding party when they post that they also use the hashtag.  They will be able to take some behind the scenes photos that you won’t be able to capture.

Tell Your Wedding Vendors

Most of your vendors will be very active on social media and would love to include your hashtag.  But you need to tell them what it is so they can join in on the phone.

Make it visible

If you want guests to use your hashtag, this one is non-negotiable.  Add your hashtag to your cocktail napkins, at the bottom of your programs/menus, or frame it on the bar, anywhere people will see it at your reception.  This is the best way to get people on board!

Have you come up with your hashtag yet, what is it?

Try out WeddingWire’s hashtag generator. And please be sure to check your hashtag before using it to make sure it hasn’t been used before.

What hashtag are using for your wedding? We'd love to know what it is so we can post it too! Email us your hashtag today. Don't forget to use ours #nochickendance

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