How many different vendors should you meet with?

Published 12/11/2017

Should you meet with as many vendors as you possibly can? Probably not.  Researching, communicating, meeting with and selecting your wedding vendors can become extremely time-consuming.  While you can do most of the work from home (or at work) at some point you will need to meet the pros in person.

No magic number of vendors to meet
Meeting one to three vendors per category is plenty and possibly more than enough. There is no minimum or maximum, it is whatever works for you.  If you want to meet as many vendors as you can they think of attending a wedding show, you can utilize your time by being in the same room with dozens of different vendors.

Be smart with researching
When researching vendors chances are you will email a couple, then start comparing them before you meet with them.  Be careful not to just compare on price! Think about their style, their professionalism, and compatibility.  Then once you meet with them or speak with them, you should only consider the vendor that you felt most comfortable with, and that fits your personality and vision.

Take Recommendations
Just like every wedding is different, so are every couples vendor needs. Your best friend might have had a photographer that they loved, but that doesn’t always mean that company is right for you.  Be sure to do your due diligence and research recommendations.

Phone Calls
The amount of in-person consultations we at Arpeggio do has been dwindling. A lot of the time a phone call is all that is needed, especially since not all our couples are local to the area, making in-person meetings difficult. It comes down to your preference.

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