How To Choose Between Wedding Vendors

Published 08/24/2022

 With any big decision, you will do a lot of research especially when it comes to choosing your wedding vendors. You will type into Google ‘wedding DJ,’ ‘wedding flowers,’ ‘wedding photographer’ and pages of results will come up leaving you overwhelmed. You start to browse through your search results, looking at websites, social media, reviews etc. Then you narrow it down and reach out to your top picks.  

Not sure how to inquiry with wedding pros – check out our post all about that here.  

You now have it narrowed down between two amazing choices. How do you pick just one?   Here are our tips to help you decide which vendor to choose. 

Trust your gut.
Do you get a better vibe from one vendor over the other? Does one make you feel more comfortable? We always tell our couples when picking your photographer in particular make sure you feel comfortable with whoever you choose as they will be with you all day. 

You browse the vendors' website maybe check out their Instagram and love what you see, so you inquire. You either fill out a contact form, email them directly or give them a call or text. Do they answer right away or is it days before you get a response? If they respond within a reasonable amount of time that’s a huge bonus. Keep in mind if you inquire during the weekend, they are most likely working weddings, so they won’t be able to answer your email, call, or text.  

Most likely you have read reviews online about the vendor you’re interested in. But why not ask other vendors about them, your venue is a great resource, and you can ask them if they have worked with the vendor before. You can also always ask the vendor for a reference, most of the time vendors are happy to connect you with a past couple so you can ‘vet them’. 

It can be tempting to go with the cheaper option but make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Ask yourself why is one more expensive than the other? It could be because one vendor has more experience or is bringing more staff. 

Ultimately you need to think about which vendor will help you create the wedding you’re dreaming of. You should feel confident in your decision.  Don't just ghost the other vendor, simply say you booked someone else.  

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