How to Create Your Wedding Guest List

Published 10/11/2017

As a recent bride planning my own wedding, the guest list is a somewhat daunting task.  But it needed to be one of the first things done to figure out the guest count because of the influences practically everything, venue choice, caterer, seating etc.

Here are some of the things I thought about when creating my own guest list:

  • Make a list of people you want there ask your fiance and parents to do the same
  • Immediate family - must be invited
  • Friends - ones we see/hang out with all the time, would I go out with them sometime in the next year?
  • Work Colleagues - You see them every weekday, chances are you are friendly with a few and maybe spend time with them outside of work if so I say ok to invite them.  I read some etiquette sites say you either invite your department or none at all - I disagreed with that.
  • Long lost cousins/parents friends - What I thought is if I were alone with the person would I know who they were...if not they probably wouldn't make the list
  • Plus ones.  If they have been seeing someone for a significant about of time (1 year+) invite them.  If not I didn't want them to bring someone just to fill a seat, which I doubt anyone would do but you never know!
  • Children - Family member's children I felt had to come since my wedding will be a destination for most, friends with kids, don't they want a night out?
  • They invited you.  If you were invited to a wedding and attending it is expected for you to also reciprocate and invite them to your but if yours. But if the friendship has faded it's appropriate to keep them off the list.

Now I'm not gonna lie, I do have  B list as I know there are people on my A list that most likely will not come, but if they surprise me then sorry B lister's, I'll get a drink with you after the wedding.

Check out the awesome tools WeddingWire has for your guest lists and seating chart.