How to Inquire

Published 09/28/2017

More likely than not this is your first time planning a wedding, but don’t be nervous to start inquiring with vendors. It is important to keep in mind the more information and ideas you share with the vendor's the more they will understand your vision and be able to make your wedding vision come to life. Here are some helpful tips to use for when you are inquiring with wedding vendors.

Search and Ask Around
Searching for your vendors can become overwhelming when pages upon pages of Google search results come up. To avoid getting overwhelmed, we suggest you use your resources when finding vendors. Talk to friends that just got married, talk with your venue and any other vendors you might have already booked, recommendations are usually there for a reason. Don't forget to look at the vendors work, check out their website, blog, and Facebook page (see how active they are) Don't forget to look up reviews on them too, what are other couples saying about them? Did they have a positive experience with them?

Narrow Down
Once you have a list of who you want to reach out to narrow it down. You will be overwhelmed if you reach out and email all the vendors you looked at so narrow down your search to your top 2 or 3 from your search then reach out.

Search and Look Again
Yes, you have emailed them but you know what you are looking for from them. Just like when you go to a new restaurant you look up the menu to see if they have something you like, again look at the vendor's page they might have pricing there or more great information about their services.

Email Content
You might just fill out a contact us form on their page, but you can also email them directly if the vendor's email address is on the page. Both ways, try to add some content to your initial email. Tell them why you are inquiring; provide them with your wedding date, location/venue, and services you are interested in, how you heard of them.

Reply Back!
I can't tell you how many times I get an inquiry, then I reply back and never get a response. Do you like it when someone you email doesn’t respond to your email? Please respond and answer their questions. Even if you decide to go with another vendor, let them know! (Not sure how to turn down a vendor read all about it here) Be honest with your vendors and tell them what you are looking for. Most vendors will start off with emails, then request a phone call or in-person meeting to find out exactly what you are looking for on your wedding day and how they can help.

Now that you are a pro at how to inquire, why not put your knowledge with us?