How to Pick Your Wedding Shoes

Published 09/08/2020

Once you have picked out your wedding dress it’s time to pick out your accessories, more importantly shoes! The shoes you pick will play a huge part in how comfortable you and your feet are throughout your wedding day. Here are some tips to help you pick out the perfect shoes for your wedding day.

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Comfort should be a priority when choosing your wedding day shoe. After all you will have this pair of shoes on from the start of your day until the last song played at your reception. You can have a second pair of shoes for dancing, because you have to be comfortable and ready to dance all night. If finding two pairs of shoes seems like a hassle, that’s ok too. Consider a shoe that will keep your feet happy. 

Consider Your Venue
Tying the knot on a beach or outside in a garden on grass? Pick a pair with a sturdy heel that won't sink such as flats or wedges. If your plan is to start dancing right away until the very end of the final song make sure you are comfortable in whatever pair of shoes you pick.

Shoes Before Alterations! 
Once you get your dress you should try to find your shoes prior to your first dress fitting. Your dress is most likely going to need some alterations which include making the perfect hemline which is why you need your shoes for your first fitting. Your seamstress will hem the dress and create your bustle to work with the height of your wedding day shoes. Getting your shoes early will also give you plenty of time to break them in! Walk around the house, put on your favorite song and dance in them, this will give you a good sense of how they'll feel on your wedding.

Stumped on Your Something Blue?
Stumped on what to choose for your something blue? Why not make it your shoes! Adding some color whether is a bold navy blue or a soft powder blue can be a statement. Also painting your toes pale blue works too.

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