How To Plan Your Ceremony Music

Published 09/30/2020

First, your ceremony can be short and sweet, don’t worry! Most wedding ceremonies are roughly 30 minutes. Even if the ceremony is short it is still an important part of your wedding day. The music you select during your ceremony will also help create wonderful memories for you, your family, and friends.

There are a few key moments that should have some music behind them during your ceremony to think about.

Guests Arrival
When we provide music for your ceremony, we always start to play music a half-hour before the start of your ceremony.  That way your early bird guests will have some light background music playing for their arrival. Acoustic instruments, love songs, or classical music are popular choices.

The Processional
There may be a few people walking into your ceremony like your grandparents, parents, and the wedding party. Following the grand entrance. You can choose one song for everyone to walk into or a different song for each person. Just note the walk won’t be long so you will not need to play an entire song, or if the walk is long you need to make sure the song is long enough to walk down the aisle too.

The Recessional
Once the ceremony is over it is time to exit the ceremony space. Which again you can choose one main exit song or do a variety of songs.

You want to make sure the music flows together, which your DJ can help with to ensure smooth transitions and cue points if songs need to be trimmed down. This is your moment! Think of it as if you were in a movie and what would be the soundtrack to that scene of you walking down the aisle.

Questions to help you decide what kind of music should be played for your ceremony:
What is your favorite genre(s)?
Do you have ‘love songs’ that make you smile?
Do you prefer love songs with words or instrumentals?
What mood would you like to create for your wedding ceremony? Chill, exciting, romantic, classic, traditional, meaningful, etc.

Check our of list of ceremony music on our Spotify


If you are looking for a DJ to help guide you through your ceremony music contact us today!