Is it time to call a professional?

Published 04/05/2019

Wedding planning should be fun but it can also get stressful at times. But how do you know when you’re all the planning is making you too stressed out? First, is the planning taking over your life?

After getting engaged you are usually super eager to get started with all the planning and bursting to start.  You get the first draft of the guest list, tour some venues, set the venue and date then maybe shop for your dream dress, you are checking off you're to-dos on your list. But soon the list seems daunting, causing you anxiety and stress. Here are some signs you might be too stressed from all the planning, and our suggestions, step back and relax then go back to planning or considering hiring a wedding planner!

It’s no longer fun
If the tasks start feeling like a chore and less fun that is a sure sign you are burning out on the wedding planning.  It’s ok during planning to take breaks, check off some things on your list then enjoy just being engaged.  You want to remember your engagement and remember the good, not the stress-induced anxiety.

Procrastinating on the Big Things
Wedding planning can be tiring contacting different vendors, setting up appointments and keeping track of each one, that can be a lot for anyone! Most likely you have a list of tasks to get done so prioritize the list and tackle one thing at a time.

Second Guessing
Are you overthinking your decisions? Does every detail feel wrong? If you are finding yourself second guessing everything takes a break from the planning, get your mind off the planning. Then when you come back to it you will have a clear mind and realize you are stressing over nothing!

Bridezilla or Groomzilla
You want everything to be flawless but you are fixated on every detail leading to obsessive attention to detail.  To prevent stress and avoid becoming a monster, give yourself a reality check. Do you really want the stress of wedding planning to influence your mood?

Personal Life Suffering?
Chances are you are already a busy person with work, social obligations, and everyday chores, so adding wedding planning to the mix can put a damper on things. Planning your wedding should be fun and enjoyable, so it is important that your relationship doesn’t take the back seat to wedding planning.

It is normal to be a bit stressed while planning your wedding, since it is probably the first time you have a planned an event to this scale, so you are not alone.  But our best piece of advice is to enjoy it and if you need a wedding planner we know some amazing planners that help are here to help.  Wedding planners can plan everything out or just pick up where you left off, they will do the worrying and be there on your wedding day. 

If you are looking for some wedding insurance, a wedding planner is the best bet! We would with several wedding planners and are happy to refer you to them! Interested in talking with a wedding planner? Let us know!