Micro, Shift & Sequel Weddings

Published 08/10/2020

The wedding industry is filled with creatives, and since COVID-19 has caused many states to limit social gathers the industry has created new ways for you to still have your wedding, safely.

Here are some of the new wedding trends we are seeing during the pandemic:

Micro Weddings
A micro-wedding is an in-person wedding with up to 50 guests who are almost entirely composed of your closest family & friends. For this wedding type, you probably won’t invite your mother-in-law’s second cousin or your coworker you don’t talk to outside of work.

Shift Weddings
These are weddings where you organize your guests into ‘shifts.’ You can have two shifts, with the guests in each shift attending after each other. Often family and older guests wish to attend the ceremony, and close friends want to join the post-dinner celebration.

Sequel Weddings
A new outlook on your big day could lead to two unforgettable celebrations. Hosting a sequel wedding allows you to keep your original wedding date but first have a small ceremony, maybe even a micro wedding with your closest friends and family. Then, follow it up by hosting a reception once restrictions start to ease, in 2021 perhaps. This way you can still legally tie the knot on the date of your choice and include everyone in the big party later. This is what we are seeing for many of our 2020 couples who have chosen to postpone their wedding to 2021, they still are getting married on their planned 2020 date then will have the reception later.

We want to celebrate with you and all the people you love, and we are committed to doing so safely. We are all navigating uncharted waters, but one thing is clean, you cannot cancel love.

If you are planning a micro, shift, sequel, or just your wedding and need of a DJ, Lighting, and/or Photo Booth we hope to hear from you soon! Contact Us Today!