Missing Red Carpets

Published 11/15/2020

Met Gala 2019 who could forget Lady Gaga with not one, not two but four different outfits on the red carpet. 

And Jared Leto with carrying his head, who could forget that? 

We also had the Jenner sisters looking like Vegas show girls with their feather gowns. 


Now some of the worst looks of the night, sorry Lizzo but it looks like you raided Big Bird's closet and stole a bathrobe from the costume department. 

Maybe Katy Perry should have sung Sia's hit Chandelier 

While Harry Styles was cohost with Lady Gaga many were disappointed in his lackluster outfit. Is he onto something with those sheer sleeves? 

Now onto the Oscars of 2020 which was the last red carpet event we had until they tried doing virtual events but what's the point of getting dressed up for that? 

The big winners of the year, Best Performance by an actor and actress in a leading role went to Joaquin Phoenix for The Joker and Renee Zellweger for Judy. Both looking worthy with their red carpet looks.


Hands down some of our favorite looks from the Oscars were from the trend of metallic nude dresses worn by these leading ladies: Brie Larson, Regina King, and Scarlett Johanson.


One look that was seen on both the best dressed and worst look was Billie Eilish but it is Chanel...

Some of the biggest misses of the night were from Little Women cast and director. 

Nominated for best adaptation of a screenplay, Greta Gerwig was also considered a snub for not being able to nominate herself for in the best director category. Two of the movie stars Timothée Chalamet looked like he was part of the valet and Saoirse Ronan dress just didn't do anything.  However Saoirse dress was sustainable, the top black portion was made out of her BAFTA gown - that's pretty neat!


Until it is safe to have Red Carpet events we will just have to relive past events. Check out all the past red carpet recaps from the last few years here.