What's Your Music Planning Style?

Published 08/24/2021

Every couple we work with is different and every wedding is different which means your planning style might be different than other couples. We typically run into 3 different planning styles with couples when it comes to planning the music for their wedding. Which one are you?

“Every song is planned out”

In this scenario, the couple wants to create the entire playlist for the evening and we can only play songs on their list. This is fine however they are taking away the art of what a DJ does, reads the crowd and using their music knowledge to keep the party going. Believe it or not this is the least common planning style.

The reason you hire a DJ such as Arpeggio Wedding Entertainment is that you trust that we know what to play and when to play it all while reading the crowd and keeping your guests happy. If a list is given, we are limited to what songs we can play which can be difficult if the songs provided aren't getting the reaction of excitement on the dance floor. 

In our client login area when couples create their music request lists, we limit the number of songs they can place on a playlist. By limiting the list we are able to understand your music taste and still read the crowd while working with the list you have given.

“I don’t care what you play”

This is the couple that says they like everything, and we can play whatever.  This can go either way with a crowd. Without any direction, the DJ will be going into your wedding blind, not sure what songs you and your guests might enjoy listening to. Knowing the demographics, the age ranges of your guests is a valuable piece of information we always ask about. If the majority of your guests are in their 20s-30s we probably won’t play anything older than the 50s.

“We’ll have some special songs, but we want the DJ to read the crowd” 

This is typically the “Arpeggio Couple”. They work on their Music Request List and give us a great base of what they like and what they do not like. This lets us know what songs are absolute must play and any dance floor killers known as the do not plays. With this knowledge, the DJ is then able to do what he does best create the best wedding you have ever been to.

Arpeggio Wedding Entertainment has a client portal that you can access throughout your wedding planning process. Part of this planner is a Music Request form. Where you can add song titles, artists, even genres of music into three different playlists: Must play (Green List), Play if you have time (Yellow List) and Do Not Play (Red List). You can check it out for yourself before booking using the username: engaged password: weddingdj 

You’ll meet specifically with your DJ before your big day to go over all the music, so you’ll both guaranteed to be on the same page!

Want to learn more about our online planning forms? Send us an email.