No dancing? No problem!

Published 08/15/2020

2020 has no doubt been a crazy year! We should be celebrating our 20th year in business with a ton of awesome couples celebrating their wedding day but COVID 19 has drastically changed that.  Many of our couples have shifted to having a Micro Wedding now and then a Sequel Wedding Celebration in 2021. But, what to do for fun at a micro wedding now that dancing is discouraged or not allowed?! Our motto of No chicken dance? No line dances? No problem! Has been updated to No dancing? No problem! 

Dancing is not the only option for an activity at a wedding!

We offer a variety of fun engaging activities your guests can enjoy safely at their tables in small groups. 

Quiz your friends and family with trivia about yourselves. Guests can play from their tables in teams to find out who knows the couple the best. 

Cell Phone Trivia
Use something that everyone already has with them, a cellphone! No app to download. Players log in online and play along! 

Feud Game
Feud Time is a fun game of surveys based on the popular TV game show Family Feud..

Music Bingo
Play a game everyone already knows and loves – BINGO. The game is played with a card just as in standard bingo but instead of calling numbers and letters, songs are played. The first person to complete their card wins the game.

Touchless Photo Booths
Our social or roaming photo booth are only touched by our attendants to start the camera, select digital props, and send the photo via email or text. We also have sanitizing wipes ready just in case.


All games and questions can be customized and are the perfect alternative to dancing at your wedding.

If you are looking to keep your guests entertained during your wedding without dancing, contact us today