Our Favorite Wedding Movie Dresses

Published 09/15/2021

Wedding inspiration can come from anywhere not just Pinterest. Movies are also no exception. Here are some of our favorite wedding dresses from the silver screen, will any inspire your wedding day look?

From Father of the Bride this dress is very 80s early 90s but it still is iconic. 

More modern looking dress from these BFF from the movie Bride Wars.

Fit for a princess from the fairytale Enchanted. Holy sleeves right?!

Another dress fit for a princess with classic off the shoulder and lace from The Princess Diaries 2.

Coming to America a stunning pale pink gown fit for a new princess.

A show stopping dress from Crazy Rich Asians.

Bella Swan from Twilight in a long sleeve classic dress.

An ultra modern dress with feathers from Love Actually

The dress that was a work of art from The Hunger Games Catching Fire

Are any of these dresses inspiring your wedding day look? Let us know!