Post Wedding To Do

Published 02/17/2023

Your wedding day and honey can be a whirlwind. After two big life events it is understandable, you’d like to soak it all in and relax. But there are still a few tasks left to cross off on your to-do list after your wedding is over. Don’t sweat it we have out together a post wedding checklist, so you don’t miss a step. 

Social Media Review (Photo Dumb) 
If you had a wedding hashtag, be sure to use it to search through any images your guests share and save them. Keep in mind if anyone shared photos or videos to their story you will have 24 hours to view them! You can also always ask your guests and vendors to send you any images or videos they took at your wedding. 

Send Thank You Cards 
This is one of the most obvious but sometimes couples get caught up and don’t think of it. When it comes to sending out thank you cards, sooner is better. You can make them generic or put more thought into them. Some couples choose to do a holiday card which can double as a thank you. Whatever you decide be sure to thank your guests for being with you on your wedding day and for their generous gift.  
Read about the do’s & don’ts of thank you notes here. 

It is important to check that you have paid and tipped all the hardworking vendors from your wedding day. Review your contracts and be sure you did not forget to send any remaining payments. When it comes to tipping your vendors that is completely at your discretion.  
Read more about tipping vendors here. 

Leave Vendor Reviews 
If you were happy with your vendors, let the world know! The best way to do that is to send them a personal thank you or post an online review. Other couples will appreciate your feedback and your vendors will be forever thankful you took the time to leave a review to help potential couples find them. If you are posting photos or video online, it also helps to tag all your wedding vendors. 
If you worked with us and haven’t left a review, we appreciate you taking the time to do so -  

Get Your Dress Cleaned and Preserved 
Your stunning attire deserves to be taken care of. Get your garments professionally cleaned. And if you plan to preserve your dress you can ask the shop you bought your gown at for recommendations for companies that preserve gowns. 

Repurpose Your Flowers You might have encouraged some of your local guests to take home some of your beautiful flowers, you can also donate your flowers afterwards to a hospital or nursing how to cheer up someone’s day.  Read about the 5 Ways to Repurpose Your Flowers here. 

Order a Photo Album While you will probably get all your photos from your photographer digitally for you to share on your Instagram, having a physical album is also still extremely popular. Some couples choose to work with their photographer and gift their parents with an album. An album is a great keepsake you will cherish for years to come.

Finish Your Registry 
Take a peek at your registry and see if there are any items left on the list that you still wanted to buy, now is the time to snatch them up! Sometimes retailers will offer discounts for remaining items on your registry. And if you are all set with your registry simply close it out. 

Change Your Name 
This task can be daunting, and you do not have to change your name but if you are planning to change it, it is better to get it over with. The list is long, but it’s good to start by updating the most important things first. This means your driver’s license and social security card. Then once you have that you will be able to update your passport, credit cards, and bank accounts. Be sure to let HR know that you’ve changed your name so your company can update your insurance and tax information. There are even some companies that can help with the name change process! Hitchswitch - and NewlyNamed are both popular options.  

The last step is to enjoy married life! Your wedding day is sure to be a day you will never forget but now the next chapter of your life begins. You can also start planning how to celebrate your anniversary. Check out our ideas for 5 ways to celebrate your first anniversary here.

 If you are still looking for your wedding DJ to ensure you and your guests have the best time, contact us today!