Rules of for the Wedding Dance Floor

Published 06/04/2019

After the ceremony, drinks at cocktail hour, and dinner it is time for the dancing! Here are our guidelines for having the best dance floor.

Plan the music (too a point)
If you are working with Arpeggio you will have access to our music library where we ask you to create some wedding playlists for us.  These are used as a guide to our DJs to let us know the types of songs you love and must have played and if there are any songs you do not like which would be on your do not playlist.  We encourage you to put songs you know you and your guests will get out on the dance floor too!

Judgment Free Zone
Just like at the gym with their judgment-free zones the dance floor should be as such.  Whatever happens on the dance floor stays on the dance floor.

Dance-offs after 10 pm
While it is always fun to encourage dance-offs they do better in the later part of the night when some of your guests might have left which will allow for more of your guests to be involved in the dance-offs.

Nondancing guests
There will be a wedding guest that will not dance. And it's important to remember not everyone likes to dance.  When we encounter guests that do not dance, we just hope that the music being played can give them some enjoyment, a memory of the song being played, etc. And even if they aren’t dancing they are still enjoying themselves

Keep the dance floor filled
There’s is nothing sadder than an empty dance floor.  If the dance floor starts looking empty elect some of your wedding party or guests to get people out there.  And remember, wherever the guests of honor are (YOU!) which should be on the dance floor is where everyone will be. Play great music and the rest is history.

What is your go-to dance floor filler song?

Want to plan out the music that MUST be played on your wedding? That is what our client portal allows you to do, feel free to check it out!