See Debbie on #TheTaste

Published 12/05/2017

When we got the call about how GoLocalProv was going to be doing a segment "All Things Weddings" we were thrilled to be asked to be part of it!

We talked about celebrating personal style through music at your wedding makes the night feel special.  We touched on how to mix in personal styles to different parts of your wedding day too.

Entertainment guests, and making sure they have a positive fun experience is something all couples want for their wedding guests. Nowadays entertaining your guests goes beyond just the music as we can addon the fun with a variety of lawn games and photo booth options.

Your DJ often becomes the master of ceremony for the reception so you do not have to be concerned with the flow the reception.

You can watch our clip below:


Be sure to also watch our friends who were also featured: Erica (Infinite Events) and Alicia (Russell Morin Catering & Events) here.

Looking forward to being featured more at GoLocalProv Weddings