Skip that Song!

Published 04/06/2021

You've thoughtfully planned out all the music you must have played at your wedding. From your ceremony recessional to your first dance and maybe even the last song of the night. But there’s one more list to take care of, your wedding do-not-play list. We don’t want to play anything you do not want to hear on your wedding day so feel free to put together a list of songs not to be played at your wedding. 

Our online client portal makes it extremely easy for you to play out all the music on your wedding day and tell us all the songs you do not want played.  

Think of it, any song that if we were to play would cause you to exit the dance floor.  You know the song that when it comes on the radio you immediately switch to a new station...add those to your do not play list! 

Here are some popular songs we see a lot on do not playlists: 

  • The Chicken Dance and Line Dances 
  • I Gotta Feelin’ - Black Eyed Peas 
  • Love Shack - B52's 
  • Gold Digger – Kanye West 
  • White Wedding - Billy Idol 
  • Another One Bites the Dust – Queen 
  • Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke 
  • We Are Family – Sledge Sisters 

Every wedding is different and personalized, therefore, every do NOT playlist is different, and we want to know what songs we should NOT play.  What songs are on your do NOT play? 

Call us 401-769-1325 or email us with your do NOT play songs.