Tips for Creating Your Wedding Guest List

Published 11/01/2022

According to The Knot Real Weddings Study, the average wedding size in 2021 was 105 guests  This is a major increase from the 2020 figure of just 66 guests, though lower than 2019's average guest count of 131 people. Once you have an idea or your budget and possibly even your venue picked out that will help dictate the size of your guest list. 

It can be very easy for your guest list to grow to a large size that leaves you wondering if you really know all the people you are inviting. Trimming your guest list is usually the best place to start once you have a first draft list. 

For most couples, it’s just not financially feasible to invite everyone you know, and your parents know to your wedding. As a result, managing the guest list can quickly become quite stressful as you try to find a careful compromise between staying on budget while also avoiding hurt feelings. Taking names off your guest list can be a hard job, but it’s essential to approach the process with sensitivity and thoughtfulness. 

Common Wedding List Dilemmas 
As you plan your list, there are several questions you should ask yourself? Deciding on these questions right away:   

  • Are you having a kid free reception? 
  • How many (if any) of your colleagues will you invite? 
  • Should all guests receive a plus-one or just a select few? 
  • How many guests will your parents be able to invite? 

Creating Your Guest List “Rules” 
Common rules used by couples in order to contain their guest list might read as follows: 

  • No Kids Allowed 
  • Plus-ones only for those in long-term relationships that you have met, i.e. over 1-year, living together, engaged or married.  
  • Restricting the number of friends your parents can invite 

Essential Guest List Questions to Ask 
To ease the tension and minimize your list, consider these questions to ask regarding each potential invitee: 

  • Has the person met both my fiancé and me? 
  • Will the person be a part of the next chapter in my life that includes my fiancé? 
  • (If a relative) Have I seen or spoken to this relative in the last three years? 
  • (If a plus one) Is the couple married, engaged, or living together? Have you met them? 

With these questions, you should be able to successfully whittle down your list to the essential and ideal wedding guest list! 

If you are ready to find your wedding entertainment, we hope to hear from you soon! Contact us today to talk more.