Tis the Season

Published 11/20/2018

Not that season! We are not ready for holiday music yet, believe me! It's ENGAGEMENT season!!

According to WeddingWire, 43 percent of engagements happen between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Families are together, sparkly lights abound and people are in the mood to unwrap things. It is a pretty good setting am I right?

One of the common things to do once you are engaged is to check out a wedding show and in Rhode Island, there are about 4 shows in January alone.  Funny coincidence, huh?

If you didn't get engaged over "engagement season" I got engaged in April, but I know during the holiday's everyone will be asking, when's the wedding? Where? Have your dress? etc.  Those that might not have the date set yet will then feel the pressure to figure it out ASAP, making January a crazy busy time for the wedding industry.  Which we will never complain about!

This past January we received over 50 inquiries alone! So while you are starting to plan away, please consider a few things, like what you might not know about wedding professionals.

If you haven't started yet, start thinking about what season you want to get married in, talk with your fiance.  Here are some tips on how to choose your venue/location.

It is also important to understand how to inquire about wedding pros.  Asking how to inquire?  Here is the best way to inquire with a wedding pro.

Your wedding needs AMAZING entertainment too, so guests have the best time at your wedding which will reflect in all of your photos and videos of your wedding day so don't forget to contact us too!

Happy Planning!