Unexpected Wedding Changes

Published 01/05/2021

How to Use the S.T.O.P Method When Unexpected Wedding Changes Occur

Your wedding day is a very special event that requires a lot of time and effort to plan. Until you’re up on the altar exchanging your vows, things are subject to change. This year, many couples have had to postpone their wedding because of COVID-19. As we are faced with these changes, it’s normal to feel both upset and stressed. However, we can’t let this get in the way of our future hopes for the wedding.

The S.T.O.P Method

While we can’t control life, we can control how we approach unexpected change. Before doing anything else, take a moment to breathe and understand how you’re feeling. This can feel hard to do, especially if you’re still feeling upset. The S.T.O.P method is a technique that helps couples process the situation and then continue to move forward. If you’re interested in doing it for yourself, download our printable down below and take the following steps:

  • Stop: Give your mind a rest and disconnect from the world for a little bit. Your mind needs to relax before jumping into action. Not to mention, making decisions when upset can lead to things you may regret later. Allow yourself five to ten minutes of relaxation to clear your thoughts and move forward.

  • Take a Breather: Now, take a few minutes to breathe. This will help calm you down and ease your worry as you think about the next step in planning your wedding. You can practice proper breathing by using a breathing technique. The 4-7-8 technique is a very popular one that gets people feeling relaxed. To try it yourself, take a deep breath for four seconds, hold it for about seven, and release it for about eight. 

  • Observe: This step calls for acknowledging how you really feel. It can be easy to push our emotions away, but this can become more troublesome later. Be honest with yourself here. It’s very much ok to feel sad and upset. Your mind is likely overflowing with thoughts and worries. Take ten minutes or so to write down what you’re feeling.

  • Proceed: The final step of this method is to brainstorm what needs to be done next. You may want to get right back into planning, or you may still need a mental break. Consider taking a nap or spending time with your loved ones until you start to feel better again. If you decide to jump back into planning, make sure you’re relaxed and ready to problem-solve.

Life, without a doubt, can get overwhelming at times. Remember that it’s ok to feel discouraged by unexpected changes in your wedding planning. However, everything happens for a reason. At the end of the day, remember to take a moment to breathe and then make the most out of the unexpected change. Take a look at Zola’s post for more ways to cope with changes in your wedding planning

Written by Briana Marvell 
Briana is a content creator from Austin who covers lifestyle trends and advice. When she's not at her desk you can find her hiking with her pup, Miko, or enjoying a good book.