Unplugged Wedding

Published 05/12/2021

What is an 'unplugged' wedding?

So, an ‘Unplugged wedding’ is a wedding without technology, primarily no phones. You ask your guests to turn off and not use any devices, and not to take photos during your ceremony or the entire wedding.

Be Present

There’s a great reason not to allow your guests to try and capture those moments with their camera phones: they should be present and enjoy those moments because they will only happen once. Let the professional photographer capture these memories and give your guests the freedom to enjoy the moment.

Leave it to the Professionals

No matter what kind of phones your guests have, they won’t compare to the professional equipment your wedding photographer will have. Professional photographers are just that professions they will know the right settings to capture all the key moments of your ceremony.

Let your guests know that you appreciate their enthusiasm, but you’ve hired professionals to sit back and enjoy.

Do's and Don'ts for an Unplugged Ceremony 

Whether you’re a social media aficionado or someone who could take or leave their cell phone, we must accept the fact that phones are a constant part of our modern lives. Here are some ways to get your guests to turn theirs off without much resistance.

Let Guests Know Ahead of Time. Have signage at your wedding explaining you are having an unplugged ceremony. You can also have your officiant or DJ remind everyone before it starts.

Don’t Take Your Guests Phones. It would be rude to confiscate guests’ phones, so prepare them beforehand and trust that they will honor your wishes.

Set Parameters. Some guests might assume they can take photos during your ceremony as long as they don’t share them on social media. If you want a phone-free ceremony, specify that.

Whether you're planning an unplugged ceremony or now we can help with your ceremony and wedding day entertainment. Contact us today about your wedding.