Vendor Meals

Published 06/15/2017

Many couples always ask us do you require meals? The answer is simple...YES! We still receive other common questions from couples about who to feed so here are our responses to those questions.

Who should I feed?
Do you go to work for 7 hours and not eat? Probably not.  You have a lunch break, and some snacks before the workday is over.  So your wedding vendors are the same way, we need our "food break".  Keep in mind only vendors that are in attendance for the entire wedding should be fed. A florist or officiant who is only there setting up during the day, before your wedding, they don’t need a meal because they won’t be there during your reception. But your photographer, DJ, wedding planner, videographer ANYONE who is a vendor and who is there during your wedding reception- they should be fed.

Can't the vendors pack a lunch/dinner?
I suppose they could bring food, but then they would have to take a long break to possibly find food if they didn't bring food with them. Usually, vendors will bring protein bars just in case, but it is courtesy to feed them so they expect it.

What do the vendors eat?
Most venues will have a vendor meal they can provide your vendors with, you just need to tell them how many meals to provide. On rare occasions, vendors will eat the same thing your guests have. If you have a buffet the vendors will typically go get food from their once all your guests have been through the line. Of course, ultimately up to you- any food is better than no food at all!

When do they eat?
Every wedding timeline is different, so the answer varies. It is a good idea to have your vendors try and eat when your guests are eating since they won't miss anything. Don't worry your vendors are not going to pull up a chair next to Uncle Jim but will find somewhere nearby to eat.

Hopefully, this helped answer the who gets fed at the wedding question.  It is usually a question that comes up close to the wedding since it gets forgotten in all the wedding planning.  Keep in mind most vendors love cake and some will require it! Everyone has a sweet tooth, right?

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