Wedding Dance Etiquette

Published 10/27/2021

Dancing is a staple at weddings. While most of the fun happens on the dance floor with your guests celebrating your wedding day, there are a few dances that are meant for important people in the couples’ lives. Here are the description of some of the formality dances we see at weddings.

The First Dance

It is the first dance you will have as a married couple so be sure to choose a special song. Sometimes couples choose to get professional lessons to sharpen their skills while others will just wing it. Whatever you decide it is an incredible moment you will have with your spouse.

Parent Dances
This is an opportunity for you to ask for your parent's input in choosing which song they want to dance with you to. It is a sentimental moment that will bring so much joy to your parents.

Stepparent Dance
If your stepparent was an essential part of your life, consider dancing together. Make sure you get a thumb's up from any parent who might get upset if he/she wasn't consulted beforehand.

Grandparents Dances
This is extra special if you have your grandparents at your wedding so don’t miss out on taking a few steps of music with them. Make it even more memorable by finding out their wedding song and playing that.

Anniversary Dance
We suggest the anniversary dance when guests can take home the centerpieces from your wedding or just for fun. This dance honors married couples in attendance. There are several ways to do it but the most popular is all married couples start on the dance floor and as the song progresses, the DJ asks anyone who has been married the shortest amount (4 hours) of time to leave the dance floor until the longest-married twosome is left. We then ask the last couple standing to give some advice to the newly-weds.

Line Dances
But our motto is no chicken dance? No line dances? We know but sometimes one maybe two, line dances are all in good fun to make everyone have a great time on the dancefloor.

If you're stumped on what songs to use for any of these dances in our client portal, we have suggestion lists to help you out.

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